TP_FINAL_LOGO_blackInspired by the history of Alchemy, found in both Eastern and Western cultures, we sought out a symbolic name that would embody our goals in providing emerging artists with a platform, space and opportunity to “experiment” with new forms of art making. Alchemy itself can be simply defined as a process of transforming something common into something special, and TRIA PRIMA   (the three primes of Alchemy) were perfect in representing our concept, as well as to build our mission statement from. The three primes include Salt (the base matter, or body), Sulfur (the fluid connection between the High and Low, or the soul), and Mercury (the omnipresent spirit of life).


We work site specific in traditional hutong spaces around Beijing, China. Our intention is to intervene with these historical landscapes in an attempt to transform them temporarily into a contemporary creative context, linking the past to the present.


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